About Us

Jonathan Sanders

Co-founder, Managing Director

Robyn Davis

Co-founder, Creative Director

Just like thousands of shoppers out there, we were looking for just one simple thing but not easy to find it: a place to buy beautiful and ridiculously comfortable bedding items, quilts and blankets specifically, that did not cost an arm and a leg.  

We focus on one approach: Quality is the first and most important thing; second, responsible manufacturing with top quality materials; and finally, most possibly affordable prices. 

Happy shopping! 

Co-Founders of Metal Pigeon 


We believe sleeping is the battery charging for human.

Sleep is both science and magic. Great sleep changes everything. It makes us cuter, friendlier, smarter… even warmer-and-fuzzier. The world would be brighter afterwards. 

So, we dreamed big. 

We started by creating an outrageously stylish and comfortable quilt and blanket and shipping them to your door. Then over one million sleepers later, our mission has only grown… 

We bring joy to a tired industry. 

We want the world to enjoy sleep as much as we do. From comfort quilts to super cozy blankets, they are meant to turn yawns into smiles — one well-rested person at a time. 

We are dedicated to customer services as we are with sleep. 

Bedding shopping and crawling into bed should be equally comfort. Whether small or big questions, we are strived to response them promptly so that you can rest easy. 

Our Approach 

 Metal Pigeon was meant to deliver beautiful and high-quality bedding items 
at a fair price, in a sustainable manufacturing process.